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Flight options

Six great flight options to choose from!


Whether you just want a short flight to experience the thrill of flying in an open-cockpit biplane or your budget allows you to fly for over an hour to see New Zealand's largest glaciers, we will be able to make your flight special. We provide you with leather jackets, a flying helmet and goggles. We suggest wearing sunglasses and bringing a compact camera to record your smiles with a "selfie"! Click on our "Flight Options" menu button above for pricing and select from the drop-down menu for further details on where we fly.

Our aircraft

The mighty Grumman Ag-Cat.


We have owned our Grumman Ag-Cat biplane for over eight years and it has proven to be a dependable and strong workhorse - ideally suited to flying in the Mackenzie Basin. Our biplane is designed to carry two passengers in addition to the pilot. This means you can share the fun with a friend or family member!

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