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Flight Vouchers


We sell a lot of vouchers each year for birthdays, anniversaries, special events and Christmas. For details on routes, please click on the "Flight Options" button at the top of the page and select a flight from the drop-down menu.


Our biplane has two passenger seats. Because the cost of running the aircraft  is high (fuel, oil, maintenance, landing fees, Airways flight following cost, CAA safety levy per hour, etc), our voucher price is the same regardless of whether one or two people fly. We can therefore make out our vouchers to just the holder, but we normally make it out to the holder "plus partner", or holder "plus one" or we can write the holder's name plus the name of the second person on the voucher as well. The voucher holder doesn't have to fly with someone else in the front cockpit but it makes sense to share the flight with a family member or friend rather than have the second seat empty. 


Voucher options prices (the same whether one or two passengers). "Pp" is price per person:


Mackenzie Magic - $590.00 ($295.00 pp)
Three Lakes - $790.00 ($395.00 pp)

Dambuster - $1290.00 - includes two flights and lunch ($645.00 pp)

Glacier Combo - $1390.00 - one-hour flight in our Cessna 172 over the Tasman, Franz Josef and Fox glacier before an 18-minute biplane flight ($695.00 pp)

The easiest way to purchase a Gift Voucher is to phone Chris on our FREE phone number - 0800  REDCAT (0800 733 228) or email Aviation Adventures.

Payment can be made by credit card over the phone or by internet banking direct into our account - it's that easy!  Your voucher will then be posted directly to you in time to give to that special person!

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